China prepares a "hijacker" of the satellite?

"The US assesses that China's effort to develop capabilities to 'deny, exploit or hijack' enemy satellites is a key part of its goal to control information, which Beijing considers a core 'war-fighting domain,'" commented the "Financial Times".
U.S. intelligence reports suggest that if China were to develop such cyber capabilities, it would vastly outmatch Russian electronic warfare teams deployed in Ukraine.
Allegedly, more "ambitious" Chinese cyber attacks imitate the signals that enemy satellites receive from their operators, and in this way completely take over them or disable them from working at key moments of the battle, reports Russia Today Balkan.
A classified US document says that this would allow China "to take control of the satellite, rendering it ineffective for supporting communications, weapons or intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems".
Seeing the importance of satellite communication for the Ukrainian army, Taiwan is trying to build a communication infrastructure that could survive potential attacks by cyber teams from China.
"They are courting investors to set up their own satellite provider, while experimenting with non-geostationary satellite receivers in 700 locations across Taiwan to guarantee the flow of information in the event of war or disaster," the Financial Times said.
How crucial satellite communications are for warfare was shown, as this media claims, by the Russian cyberattack which, in the hours before the special military operation was launched, rendered ineffective thousands of Ukrainian military routers from the American "Viasat".
A Ukrainian official at the time described the attack as "catastrophic". And China's goals, according to the Americans, are far more advanced. ...

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