Members of 3 religions gather around ‘Unity Table’

As the feats and fasts of the three religions have coincided in the same month for the first time in the last 36 years, Muslims, Christians and Jews have come together for the "Unity and Brotherhood Table" in the southern quake-hit province of Hatay, the city of civilizations and cultures for centuries.

In this special month when Ramadan, Easter and Passover holidays coincide every 36 years, members of the three divine religions fast on the same days.

To mark the end of the month, the members of the three religions held an iftar dinner event in Hatay that has hosted several religions and cultures for centuries.

Some political figures, religious community leaders, consuls, NGOs and media representatives attended the event.

The Antakya Civilizations Choir which also commemorated seven of their members who died during the Feb. 6 quakes performed hymns in three languages.

Meeting before the iftar program, religious community leaders, consuls and their delegation visited the Antakya Jewish Synagogue, Habib-I Neccar Mosque, Saint Pierre Church, Saint Paul Orthodox Church, Antakya Catholic Church, Antakya Protestant Church and Grand Mosque that was heavily damaged in the devastating twin earthquakes.

They also visited earthquake survivors living in container and tent cities in the city.

Giving a speech at the event, Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop noted that they spent the Ramadan month in sorrow due to the earthquakes.

"There are very few places in the world that have mosques, churches and synagogues side by side like in Hatay," Şentop expressed.

"This is a manifestation of the unique attitude of our great civilizations towards people, life and religion. This manifestation is also framed by the...

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