Village houses to be delivered to quake victims

Village-type houses, the production of which started after the deadly Feb. 6 twin quakes that rattled Türkiye's south, will be delivered to quake survivors during the Eid holiday in the southeastern province of Gaziantep's Nurdağı district.

These three-bedroom houses are also planned to include stables. A mosque, school and playground are also being built in the vicinity.

Village-type houses built for earthquake survivors in Gaziantep are about to be completed. In Belpınar village, a total of 14 houses' landscaping works are ongoing, and they will be delivered to the villagers on the Eid holiday.

Some residents of Belpınar village, consisting of 35 households currently living in tents and containers, will move to their newly built one-story, 127-square-meter houses.

The newly built village houses also have gardens. Bayram Kaya, one of the villagers who are scared to enter their old and damaged houses, said that 14 houses are not enough for all the residents of the destroyed village but pointed out that the houses look very pleasing.

Regarding the work carried out on the construction of the village houses, Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum announced that the houses' architectural design is in accordance with the local style.

"We have started the construction process of 13,400 of the 143,000 village houses we will build in the earthquake zone with our General Directorate of Construction Works. As a result of the ground survey studies, construction activities have started in areas deemed suitable," Kurum stated.

The houses were designed in five different types according to the needs of the region, taking into account the living conditions.

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