Menendez reiterates opposition to sale of F-16 fighters to Turkey


The chairperson of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has reiterated his opposition to the sale of F-16 fighters to Turkey, saying "Turkey has not done enough to be rewarded in this way."

"I continue to be against the sale of F-16s," Senator Bob Menendez told state broadcaster ERT, adding that the Erdogan government needs to stop its belligerent behavior towards Greece.

At the same time, he clarified that Congress did not give the green light for the upgrade of the Turkish F-16 missile systems, but for their interoperable means of communication.

He was referring to a recent $259 million deal with Turkey for avionics software upgrades. The approval does not concern the $20 billion request from Turkey for new F-16s and nearly 80 upgrade kits.

Asked about the prospects of Greek-Turkish relations after the elections in Greece and Turkey, Menendez...

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