Bulgaria’s Parliament will violate the Constitution if it Allows a Referendum on the Euro

The referendum, which was initiated by the pro-Russian party "Vazrazhdane" to postpone the adoption of the euro, cannot be held legally, if we speak in the field of law. Prof. Hristo Hristev, professor of EU law, stated this to the National Radio.

He pointed out that there is a special provision in the Constitution - Art. 4, para. 3, which was introduced in connection with our accession to the EU. The exact text of the provision is: "The Republic of Bulgaria participates in the building and development of the European Union".

"It recognizes our association with the EU as a basic element of the overall functioning of the Bulgarian state. This referendum does not correspond to this provision," said Hristev and added that there is also an interpretive decision of the Constitutional Court on it.

He also referred to the law on referendums, in which it is written that polls on the issues that are the subject of regulations in an international treaty cannot be held.

"From then on, it doesn't matter how we formulate this question. This question, no matter how we formulate it, contradicts the obligations that arise from our joining of the EU," Hristev was categorical.

When asked who should stop this referendum - the parliament or the Constitutional Court, he was categorical:

"I hope that there are enough articulate members in the parliament. No matter how many thousands of signatures have been collected, there is no way for the parliament to accept such a decision without violating the Bulgarian Constitution.

I don't see why we need to create a redundant scenario, there is a clear enough regulation. It is responsible for the interests of our own country that the deputies should not...

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