Bulgaria: There will be No Referendum for a Presidential Republic

"There Is Such a People" collected 145,193 signatures from Bulgarian citizens for the holding of a referendum to convene a Great National Assembly, which would change the state structure of Bulgaria from a parliamentary to a presidential republic. These signatures are insufficient and such a referendum will not take place.

This was announced by the leader of "There Is Such a People" (TISP) and former TV star Slavi Trifonov on Facebook. According to the law, 400,000 signatures are needed to initiate a referendum.

"These signatures are insufficient under the current law, and now such a referendum will not be initiated. We had to collect 400,000 signatures. I say 'now' not by chance, because we did not just collect signatures, we opened the topic of what the political system of Bulgaria should be. Because the current does not work well and it is necessary to have an alternative," Trifonov wrote on social networks.

According to him, if a regular government is not formed now, or if it is short-lived and non-working, then the people themselves will raise the issue of a presidential republic.

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