Lavrov: Pristina does not represent Serbs in Kosovo, neither Kyiv represents Donbas

"Just as Pristina cannot claim to represent the interests of the Kosovo Serbs, who were promised autonomy by the European Union - so Berlin and Paris promised a special status to Donbas," Lavrov said at the United Nations Security Council session, RIA Novosti reported.
He said that it is obvious to "every impartial observer" that the regime in Kyiv cannot in any way be considered a representative of the inhabitants of the territories that refused to accept the situation that arose in Ukraine after the February 2014 coup d'tat.
He added that the Ukrainian issue "is impossible to consider in isolation from the geopolitical context".
"Russia has clearly explained the tasks it performs within the framework of the special military operation: to eliminate threats to our security that have been directly created by NATO on our borders for years and to protect people who are denied the rights proclaimed by multilateral conventions, to protect them from direct threats of extermination and expulsion on the territories where their ancestors lived for centuries. We honestly said what and who we are fighting for," Lavrov said.

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