Vučić: Fetislam fortress looks magnificent today VIDEO/PHOTO

President of Serbia went on a tour of the fortress. The restoration of the Fetislam fortress took two years, EU representative said during the tour.
"This will be a special attraction. The Turks did this, and the Europeans rebuilt it," emphasized Vui.
"The EU gave a total of 16.6 million euros for several projects here. They also helped us for Golubac, Ba and Fetislam. We always add some money, along with the municipality. Europeans give us money, it's their money and thank them for that. They did it and they did it well," he said during a tour of the fortress.
President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, stated that it is planned to continue the construction of the high-speed road between Poarevac and Golubac, further to Brza Palanka.

"The reconstruction of this fortress was a natural continuation of the cooperation between the EU and Serbia in the revitalization of fortifications on the Danube. We started this cooperation with the Golubac fortress, then the one in Ba, and now we have finished Fetislam here. We are also doing other things. All these locations are an unavoidable landmark," said Emanuele Giaufret.
Anke Konrad said during the official opening that she was glad to be at the opening of the renovated fortress, which was renovated with the financial resources of the EU and Germany.
"This is an important event for the people of Serbia, but also for the EU," Konrad said, adding that this project is important for the development of tourism. "Fetislam looks magnificent today. It has never looked this beautiful," said Vui and thanked his European friends for the donation.

Fetislam will represent the main tourist product in Kladovo FOTO TANJUG/ MILO MILIVOJEVI/ bg

The Fetislam fortress was built in 1524, and its...

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