"You will become a radioactive waste dump"

In the announcement of the Russian Embassy in London, the statement of the Deputy British Defense Minister James Heappey about sending weapons with depleted uranium to Ukraine is recalled. According to the embassy, Heappey's words show the ruthless policy of the Anglo-Saxons on the general escalation of the "conflict through intermediaries" that they initiated in Ukraine.
"Now it is already quite clear that the West has predestined this country to play the role of not only an anti-Russian military training ground, but also a landfill for radioactive waste," the statement said.
The diplomatic mission called on the British authorities not to take comfort in illusory hopes that they will get out of the water "dry" by transferring responsibility for ammunition to Ukrainian troops.
Earlier, British Deputy Defense Minister James Heappey said that London had sent thousands of shells for the "Challenger 2" tanks to Kyiv, including those with depleted uranium, but that it does not track where these shells are fired from.
When using such ammunition, radioactive dust settles on the ground, which is extremely toxic and cannot be decontaminated. Their use can lead to the outbreak of cancer.
US troops used depleted uranium ammunition during Operation Desert Storm, the bombing of Yugoslavia and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. As noted by experts, the use of this ammunition can lead to oncological diseases.
British Deputy Defense Minister Annabel Goldie said earlier that, in addition to sending a squadron of Challenger 2 battle tanks, London will also send ammunition, including armor-piercing shells containing depleted uranium, to Ukraine.
After that, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Moscow will be forced to react if the collective...

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