Russians are a little bit nervous?

Namely, in its latest report dated April 26, ISW recalled that the founder of the Wagner group Yevgeny Prigozhin noted that as soon as the weather conditions in Bakhmut improve, Ukraine will launch a counteroffensive, which could coincide with Russia's May 9 Victory Day holiday (the commemoration of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in 1945). Ukraine may be planning counteroffensive actions in order to ruin May 9 celebrations in Russia.
Russia is trying to change the ethnic composition of Ukraine by actively conducting a large-scale resettlement of people mainly from poorer and remote regions of Russia into Ukraine.
Competition among Russian private military companies (PMCs) is likely increasing in Bakhmut.
A video appeal addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin by personnel of the "Potok" PMC (reportedly one of three volunteer detachments from Russian-state owned energy company Gazprom) claims that Gazprom officials told members of "Potok" that they would be signing contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) but then forced personnel to sign contracts with PMC "Redut." One Potok soldier claimed that Gazprom created two other units "Fakel" and "Plamya," which were attached to the Russian MoD.
The Institute for the Study of War also states that the Kremlin continues measures to codify conditions for domestic repression. The Russian Federation Council approved three bills on April 26 which would allow for the deprivation of Russian citizenship for discrediting the Russian Armed Forces and for actions that threaten national security, allow for life sentences for high treason, and allow for five-year sentences for those who promote the decisions of international organizations in which Russia does not participate.
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