Türkiye condemns opening of Nemesis Monument’ in Armenia

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has condemned the opening of the "Nemesis Monument" in Armenia, stressing that it glorifies the "bloody terrorist attacks in which 31 Turkish diplomats were murdered."

"We strongly condemn the opening of the 'Nemesis Monument' in Yerevan, which is dedicated to the perpetrators of the assassinations against Ottoman political and military leaders in the early 1920s, as well as Azerbaijani officials of the period and even some Ottoman citizens of Armenian origin," the ministry said in a written statement on April 26.

The way this event was presented in the Armenian press also shows that a "distorted interpretation" of history that cannot be approved still continues in some minds, the ministry said.

"Such provocative steps, which are incompatible with the spirit of the normalization process between Türkiye and Armenia, will in no way contribute to the efforts to establish lasting and sustainable peace and stability in the region, on the contrary, they will negatively affect the normalization process," the statement read.

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