Vučić on his health condition: "When something important happens, you will find out"

During his address to the journalists, he also talked about the allegations about his state of health and pointed out that when there is something important about it, it will be announced through the Office for Media Relations of the President.
He referred to the recent tensions in the southern province, i.e. the provocations from Pristina.
"It is clear to everyone that it would lead to a quick conflict in the north of Kosovo, I don't understand why he is doing it, why he wants it. Don't you have other dreams, man.''
That's what the recent elections on Kosovo and Metohija were for...", stated Vui.
"We asked the people from Pristina to stop with that and not to create incidents in Kosovo and Metohija," explained Serbian president.
He said that the session of the Serbian Progressive Party will be held on May 27.
"Politics is the essence, what are you going to do. If we had not implemented reforms, we would have disappeared from the map... Today, Serbia has five times more oil reserves than the UAE, everything depends on the state leadership," he pointed out.

"What happened in the Council of Europe was shameful"

President of Serbia stated that he does not want military blocs in NATO.
"I believe that it is right for Serbia to be militarily neutral, and I will continue to do so as commander-in-chief," explained Vui. He pointed out that what happened in the Council of Europe, talking about the approval of the request of the so-called Kosovo for entering that institution, was shameful.
"They start from the principle that they can do everything, there'll come a moment when other relations of power will be established, whether it will be experienced by your generation or mine, that will be discussed later,"...

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