Only clear messages can convince voters

[Intime News]

There are very few supporters of Greece's main parties - and not protest parties - who want to play the guessing game when they go to the polls to vote next month. Most people want to know exactly what will emerge from the ballot box on Sunday night: Will it be a single-party government, a coalition, a minority, a national unity government - what? To persuade voters you need clear messages, especially in a country that has been through a lot. A large part of the middle class is very afraid of instability, of mishaps.

The leadership of main opposition SYRIZA is not sending a clear message. Of course, it is not in its culture to do so because it has emerged from an environment where matters are talked to death. In 2015 SYRIZA's message was clear because it was based on anger and a big "NO" to the bailouts Greece had signed, the troika enforcing them and everything related to...

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