America turned its back on Ukraine? Zelensky acknowledged: The damage was done

As he said, he still appreciates Washington's support for Kyiv.
Zelensky told The Washington Post that the White House had not contacted him about the leak of top-secret US intelligence documents last month.
When asked if the trust between the US and Ukraine was damaged due to the leak of information from the Pentagon, which showed that Washington allegedly spied on high-ranking Ukrainian officials, including himself, Zelensky pointed out that it was not worth the damage of US support to Kyiv, the Guardian reported yesterday.
Zelensky emphasized that the leaking of confidential information caused damage to Ukraine because Russia received certain notifications in advance. A U.S. Army Guardsman has been charged with distributing classified documents that first appeared on Discord, a social media platform, last month.
Certain classified files from February suggest that Ukraine's air defenses risk running out of Soviet-era missiles and ammunition within weeks.
Ukraine's Defense Minister, Alexey Reznikov, said on April 12 that the Pentagon leak contained a mix of true and false information about the Ukrainian military, and that it lessened the negative impact.
Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder told CNN that US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has spoken with a number of allies, including Reznikov, regarding the issue of the leak of classified documents.

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