Bulgaria: Borissov and GERB will not form a Coalition with BSP and DPS

GERB Leader Boyko Borissov

GERB leader Boyko Borissov explained to the media that his words yesterday were not interpreted correctly and insisted that his formation has no intention of forming a coalition with BSP and DPS, but will seek support from other parties for a government of individuals.

"You did not understand us well, we will not form a coalition with BSP and DPS", he said on the sidelines of the National Assembly. And he insisted that he has no intention of making a coalition, as his opponents accuse him of, who were actually in a coalition with both the BSP and "There Is Such a People", who wanted to slander him.

According to him, the people in the parliament must decide whether to go to elections or not.

"We will treat the other political parties with respect, we will present our program to them, we will do so today. We only offer individuals for three months, for one month, for six months, so that WCC and the DB cannot catch up, let their wet dream become a reality - GERB, BSP and DPS, to beat us in the local elections. It will not happen, it will not happen. I will not allow it. It will not happen, whatever the reaction of the party"

"If we don't try, the Bulgarians will rightfully punish us", Borissov pointed out and noted that the way things have turned out, the president is expected to rule for a long time, and therefore everyone is to blame - both politicians and the media.

"We will all fall into the abyss that is the next election. President Radev, I wish him to be alive and well, because he will rule for a long time and is the last salvation of the Bulgarians at the moment. This is what I say to Hristo Ivanov, Atanas Atanasov and all those who stand aside from the DBs, they are ashamed of the WCCs, but...

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