Plan unveiled for regeneration of burned forest areas in Mount Penteli

Authorities on Friday presented a plan for the restoration and recovery of forest areas on Mount Penteli that were devastated by a wildfire in July 2022. The plan was unveiled by Deputy Minister of Environment George Amyras and Mayor of Penteli Dimitra Kechagia at the local municipality.

The plan is based on a study prepared by the Ministry of Environment and funded by resources from the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA). It aims to completely reforest approximately 9,500 hectares of land with the planting of over 200,000 broad-leaved, slow-burning trees native to the Pentelic mountain in two zones.

The first zone, located close to the urban network and paths about 35 kilometers within the forest, will focus on planting trees and shrubs that enhance the seasonality of nature. The second zone will be the core of the forest.

Aside from reforestation,...

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