Today is the Coronation of Britain's King Charles III

Today is the coronation of Britain's King Charles III. Millions will witness a lavish and pompous ceremony with ancient rituals at Westminster Abbey in London. Security measures have been strengthened, with around 12,000 policemen on duty.

The ceremony practically begins in the early hours of the day with the opening of the route that the procession will take from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, so that the most dedicated fans of the monarchy, who have been camping around for days and everyone else, can occupy their places along the fences. The procession itself starts at 12:20 p.m. Bulgarian time.

Charles III and Camilla will make the journey to the abbey in the silver carriage used for Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, accompanied by around 200 members of the armed forces, most of them from the sovereign's cavalry escort. Another 1,000 military personnel will walk the route, but overall the procession is expected to be more modest than in 1953, when Charles' mother, Elizabeth II, was crowned.

The climax will be at Westminster Abbey, where in the presence of selected members of the royal couple's families, monarchs from around the world and representatives of over 200 countries, most heads of state, in a two-hour ceremony, Charles III will be crowned as the British King by order of all ancient traditions and rituals, and Camilla from Queen Consort will officially become Queen Camilla.

The procedure should last two hours, after which the crowned monarchs will return along the same route to Buckingham Palace. As the weather forecast is not very good, with rain expected, there is a possibility that the closing part, which is the traditional air show for such events, will be cancelled.

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