Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General confirmed that his Family was Not in the Car at the time of the Explosion

The chief prosecutor was without his family in the car in front of which an explosion occurred last Monday. This was confirmed by Ivan Geshev in an interview with the National Television and stated that he was in the car with National Security Service officers.

He attributed the discrepancies in speaking on the subject to interpretations of his messages, with which he informally responded to journalists. It also turned out that the motorcade with the chief prosecutor did not stop after the explosion, but continued its movement towards the capital.

Ivan Geshev did not comment on the claims of the acting interior minister about the force of the explosion, stressing that only the experts can give an accurate answer to the question.

However, he drew attention to the fact that the preliminary conclusions about a force with 3 kilograms of TNT equivalent were made by employees of the Anti-Terrorism Squad, which is under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Here is part of the conversation:

BNT: "Who were you with in the car? Was your family inside?"

Ivan Geshev: "I was with NSS officials, as I am almost every time. And the reason I am answering your questions is that there is clearly an attempt to replace the main question. And the main question is whether it is normal to carry out an attack and an explosion next to the car of the chief prosecutor of a country from the European Union, and in which years are we living and in which years are we returning".

Thus, Ivan Geshev confirmed the words of the acting Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior that his family was not in the car.

BNT: "However, why did it come to this...

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