Victory Parade in Moscow; "Putin: For victory! Hooray" VIDEO/PHOTO

A large number of soldiers participate in the parade, and numerous examples of military equipment will be exhibited.
The parade is attended by the Russian top brass, led by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
As a reminder, Germany's unconditional capitulation was signed in Berlin shortly after midnight on May 8, 1945, by Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, the signatory on behalf of the Soviet Union was Marshal Georgy Zhukov, and on behalf of the Western Allies, British Air Force General Arthur Tedder. This formally ended the Second World War in Europe, but the remnants of German troops and their allies continued to resist for several days, while in Yugoslavia it lasted until May 15.

Putin and Shoigu leave the parade EPA-EFE/YURI KOCHETKOV

President of Russia and the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation leave the parade together.

Russian Prime Minister Mikail Mishutsin at the parade Tanjug/Dmitry Astakhov, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP Putin: For victory! Hooray! EPA-EFE/YURI KOCHETKOV

Russia appreciates all the fighters who are fighting today in the Special Military Operation, President of Russia emphasized.
"You honorably fulfill your duty to your people and country. The entire nation supports you," Putin said, emphasizing that the entire nation is praying today for all those who defend the Russian Federation.
He drew attention to the fact that today there are many people who are fighting in Ukraine at the parade.
"I salute everyone who is fighting for Russia today," the leader emphasized.
"Nothing is stronger than our unity! For Russia! For victory! Hooray," Putin said.
"Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!" proudly shouted the people present at the parade.

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