Vucic: Rubin an official Albanian lobbyist

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday evening US special envoy James Rubin was an official, paid Albanian lobbyist who had been purposely sent to Kosovo-Metohija during recent elections there to boost Pristina's campaign.

In an appearance on a Happy TV talk show, Vucic noted that, unlike Rubin, many US State Department officials and members of Congress were fair and had a different approach to the Kosovo issue.

"Rubin was particularly glad about a New York Times article written against me but the fact it said I was brave scared him a little bit", Vucic added.

He said current US Ambassador to Belgrade Christopher Hill always had a fair approach to Serbia despite a difference in views.

"He also has a personality of his own, he does not need to take orders from just everyone. He views the situation from his own angle. He is enough of...

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