Bill Clinton: Bulgaria is a Good Friend of the US and of the People who Love Freedom

Former US President Bill Clinton

The 42nd US President Bill Clinton called Bulgaria "a good friend of the US and of the people who love freedom". At a lecture in Sofia, he presented his Global Initiative.

Clinton is visiting Bulgaria at the invitation of the chairman of the Confederation of Industrialists and Employers Kiril Domuschiev. He, in turn, announced the creation of his Domuschiev Impact initiative, which will work alongside the Clinton initiative. "Cooperation is always better than any conflict," said Bill Clinton.

"I will always be proud to be the first American president to come here," said Bill Clinton, the 42nd head of state of the United States, who visited our country in November 1999 in his role as acting president.

In front of representatives of business and the non-governmental sector, Clinton expressed his satisfaction that Bulgaria has received its rightful place in the European Union and NATO.

"Bulgaria has continued to be a good friend to my country and to people who love freedom all over the world, as well as a good neighbor to the other countries in South-Eastern Europe".

As a young man, Clinton said, his goal was to have a family and children, but as he gained experience, he realized when a person is committed to other people and that it is always better to make decisions together.

"Almost always democratic systems, which can vary greatly from country to country, systems in which people work together on the issues that divide them to find the best possible solutions, work better than more authoritarian systems."

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