Bulgaria: The Prosecutor's Office forbade the disclosure of Details on the Explosion against Geshev

The place of the explosion next to Ivan Geshev's car

The supervising prosecutors in the proceedings for the alleged assassination attempt against the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev did not order the performance of procedural and investigative actions with the participation of an expert, outside the list of experts of the competent court and which does not meet the requirements of Ordinance No. H-1 of 14.02. 2023 on the registration, qualification and remuneration of experts.

They did not allow persons who did not have the right to be there at the scene of the accident. This is stated in a message from the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office, in which competence is the case.

"Given the multiple interpretations of the case in the public space and the creation of obstacles to the disclosure of the objective truth, on 11.05.2023 the supervising prosecutors issued a decree indicating compliance with the norm of Article 198 of the Criminal Code with a view to non-disclosure without the permission of supervising prosecutor of materials from the conducted investigation.

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office expresses disagreement with all the comments and interpretations made so far, since the pre-trial proceedings are at an initial stage and not all the evidence has been collected and checked, on the basis of which a definite conclusion can be reached regarding what happened on 01.05.2023", the prosecutor's office stated.

From there, they specify that the management and supervision of the investigation are carried out by a team of three prosecutors, who are determined on the principle of random selection in accordance with Art. 9, para. 1 of the Law on Judicial Power.

The investigation into the case is being carried out and will continue to be carried out objectively,...

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