Bulgarian PM: Judicial Reform does not end only with the Replacement of the Chief Prosecutor

Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev

Prime Minister Galab Donev stated that the judicial reform should be considered as a comprehensive process, which does not end only with the replacement of the chief prosecutor.

Thus, Donev commented on the request of six members of the Prosecution College of the Supreme Judicial Council that Ivan Geshev be released early due to serious violations of official duties. However, this can be done with 17 of the votes of the full composition of the judicial personnel body, which currently has 22 members.

According to the prime minister, the issue is related to the legitimacy of the current Supreme Judicial Council.

"The important issue and the important topic of the debate is what kind of reform should be made. Here, in no way should the personality be at the center of the debate. Another question is whether, if the procedure to remove the Prosecutor General is completed, whether this composition of The Supreme Judicial Council can nominate the next chief prosecutor who will be in this position for the next 7 years."

Galab Donev recalled that over the years, the interim governments have introduced bills to regulate the mechanism for the control of the chief prosecutor.

Asked whether a regular government would be formed, the prime minister said he was hopeful.

"I hope and am very hopeful that a regular government will be formed to take over the management of the country and solve the most pressing problems of the Bulgarian citizens."

The Minister of Justice will not act to remove the Prosecutor General

The Acting Minister of Justice will not take action to remove Ivan Geshev from the post of Chief Prosecutor, Minister Krum Zarkov said in Plovdiv.

According to him, the...

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