Bulgaria: Mariya Gabriel and GERB met with DPS - Priorities overlap

Representatives of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) at the meeting with GERB

Mariya Gabriel, nominated for prime minister by GERB-SDS, met with the leadership of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) parliamentary group. GERB leader Boyko Borissov was also present at the meeting.

DPS Chairman Mustafa Karadayi repeated the DPS thesis that a government is needed to lead the country out of the crisis and pointed out that the priorities of GERB and DPS overlap. He wished success to the mandate that GERB-SDS will receive from President Rumen Radev today.

"It is gratifying that what you presented as priorities, Ms. Gabriel, overlap as priorities with the agenda of the Bulgarian citizens, which should become the agenda of the politicians, the National Assembly and the possible regular cabinet. That is why we need a regular cabinet - we have been repeating it for several years now and in every election. Our idea is, without making any assumptions, to go step by step at an accelerated pace for the formation of a majority in the National Assembly that can adopt a budget and take responsibility for this budget," he said.

The chairman of DPS congratulated the largest parliamentary party for the nomination of Mariya Gabriel as Prime Minister.

"In order to solve people's problems, we need investments. Since 2007, the main investments have come from European funds. At the moment, Bulgaria is terribly late with the operational programs, the Recovery and Resilience Plan and the strategic plan for agriculture. Roughly speaking, from about BGN 60 billion, set aside in Brussels for Bulgaria from 2020, not one penny has been used purposefully. Therefore, in our opinion, apart from the fact that the various ministers should be experts in different fields, they should know Brussels well, and not yet learn who is...

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