Bulgaria: The President handed the Mandate to form a Government to Mariya Gabriel and GERB

Mariya Gabriel and President Rumen Radev

President Rumen Radev handed the first exploratory mandate to form a GERB-SDS government to the candidate for Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel.

After receiving the folder, Mariya Gabriel announced that she would do everything in her power in order for Bulgaria to have a working government - an expert cabinet with a clear program and goals.

"I will rely on broad support for the important priorities for our country... United, we are capable of doing everything possible for our common home - Bulgaria," she pointed out.

"My proposal will be for an expert government, united around clear priorities that have one goal - the well-being of Bulgarians and the authority of Bulgaria. Therefore, I sincerely believe that the support we will seek will send a message of ambition, that we are capable of uniting and making a regularly working government, that we will work for the authority of Bulgaria in Europe and the world, that we will develop the potential of the country and its talents. And of course, at the heart of all this, will be the commitment to the people and to the homeland," added Gabriel.

In turn, the head of state noted that the candidate for prime minister will face many obstacles on her way to forming a government, but added that in a week he will be waiting for her with a completed mandate.

Despite the talks in recent weeks between the two largest parliamentary coalitions, at this stage GERB-SDS and "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" are at different positions on their vision for a government.

Today, Mariya Gabriel spoke again with representatives of BSP, DPS and TISP in an attempt to find a constructive dialogue about the future formula of power, without currently discussing the personal...

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