Torrential Rain Overflowing Rivers, Cause Chaos in Bosnia, Croatia

A state of natural disaster has been declared in Una-Sana Canton, one of ten cantons in Bosnia's Federation entity, after heavy rain.

"Our citizens have had a sleepless night, the situation is extremely difficult," Una-Sana Canton's Prime Minister, Mustafa Ruznic, said, N1 reported.

Many roads have been flooded, cutting off towns from the rest of the country. Photo: N1

In Bosanska Krupa, the highest river water levels in the history of the town have been recorded. The authorities are no longer able to determine the exact number of flooded buildings.

The Mayor, Armin Halitovic, stated that the "situation has never been more severe, and the precise number of flooded structures and evacuated residents is now unknown".

Hundreds of sites have been flooded in northwest Bosnia/Photo: City of Bosanska Krupa

The situation remains challenging due to incessant heavy rainfall, which has led to elevated water levels, water spillover from riverbeds, flooding of numerous buildings, disrupted roadways and the triggering of landslides.

The border crossings of Kostajnica and Kozarska Dubica are not operational due to flooding in Croatia, and crossing from Novi Grad to Dvor na Uni is also not advised according to the Auto-Moto Association of Republika Srpska, Bosnia's other entity, where the situation is also dire.

Aerial footage of one of the flooded areas in the northwest Bosnian city of Bihac. Photo: City of Bihac

In Croatia, the water levels of the Korane and Kupa rivers in the city of Karlovac continue to rise. On Wednesday, the level of both rivers was 831 centimetres and flood defence measures were applied.  Embankments are being built and more sandbags are being filled and distributed to threatened parts of...

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