Unfounded claims shared on social media about election objections not to be trusted: Watchdog

The Supreme Election Board (YSK) watchdog has stated that unfounded claims shared on social media regarding the election objections should not be trusted.

"Objections to YSK will be discussed and finalized within the legal time limit," Ahmet Yener, president of the YSK said.

He said that all stages of the election are carried out with the participation of representatives of political parties in accordance with the laws numbered 298, 6271, and 2839.

"Throughout this process, the finalization of voter lists has been shared with our political parties via SIPPORT at all stages," he added.

The ballot box committees consist of seven people, including a public official as the chairman, a public official as a member, and five members from political parties.

On voting day, the ballots taken out of the box are counted in the presence of this committee and are signed by all committee members with a wet-ink signature.

A copy of the ballot box result record is given to the representatives of the relevant political party, presidential candidate representatives, and political party observers.

There are also representatives of political parties in the process of delivering the relevant documents to the district election board presidency.

In accordance with the relevant legislation, the deadlines for objections and complaints to be made to the provincial and district election boards against the ballot box committee are specified in the law.

Representatives of political parties with a parliamentary group in the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye are present and they participate in the meetings where the decisions of these boards are objected.

Objections made within the periods prescribed by the law are evaluated,...

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