Serbia is completely paralyzed, there are injured PHOTO/VIDEO

Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, due to the consequences of rainfall, intervened in the territory of the City of Novi Sad, the municipality of Beoin, Sremski Karlovci, Zrenjanin, abac, Ruma and Valjevo.
Firefighters-rescuers evacuated two people from the roof of a flooded car in Partizanska Street in Novi Sad and another person in Koceljeva, where several buildings were flooded.

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In the storm that hit Novi Sad, many streets were flooded, and in some parts of the Vojvodina capital there was even the hail.
Two people were injured during the storm, writes RTS.
Some roads in the center of Koceljeva, as well as several households, were under water. Small watercourses overflowed.
There was also a hail in some parts of the capital of Vojvodina.
Streets in the center of Koceljeva were also flooded, as were several households. The water threatens the school and kindergarten. Small watercourses overflowed. All competent services are on the ground.
The Republic Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ) warned that on May 19, the water level on the Sava near abac will exceed the limit of regular flood protection.
The area of the village of Karan in Uice yesterday afternoon was hit by a severe storm accompanied by heavy rainfall and up to 30 liters of rain, which led to torrents and the rise of the Stanci stream and its overflow, Zoran Militarov, head of the municipal inspection of the City of Uice, told Tanjug.
"There was a blockage of the culvert and the impossibility for the water to continue its course, so it spilled onto the road and entered a number of buildings," said Militarov and emphasized that at no time were...

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