Turkish Foreign Ministry: Greek claims about Pontic Genocide ‘provocative’

Turkey's Foreign Ministry has accused "certain politicians in Greece" of "distorting historical data" for making references to the Pontian Genocide.

In a statement, it said the claims of a genocide are based on "baseless claims … from some radical groups against Turkish history [that] fuel hostility towards Turkey."

Addressing those "who target Turkey with unrealistic claims and statements," the ministry noted "Greece's responsibility, and the fact that it was ordered to pay sentenced to compensation for the atrocities committed by the invading Greek army, in violation of the laws of war, during the bloody invasion of Anatolia, were recorded in the Treaty of Lausanne."

It claimed that there were "politicians who continue to manipulate, deceive, distort and fabricate lies and invert reality" and called on them to "face their own dark history and rid themselves...

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