Greece a ‘loyal friend’ since name deal, says North Macedonia’s ex-PM

[InTime News]

Former prime minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev refers to the benefits of the Prespes agreement for his country, Greece, and the wider Balkan region, in an interview with Kathimerini. Zaev, who traveled to Greece recently on the occasion of the Delphi Economic Forum, talks about the close cooperation that now exists between the two countries and expresses his gratitude to the Greek government both for the assistance it offered North Macedonia during the pandemic and for the support it offers for its full NATO membership and its European perspective.

How would you describe the situation in your country after the implementation of the Prespes agreement?

It is more pleasant than before because the people saw the benefits of the agreement. Normally, our countries, even before the agreement, had some kind of economic cooperation. But now, after the...

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