Part-time labor appears to be receding

The number of part-time workers in Greece is decreasing, albeit slowly, which is a determining factor for the incomes of Greek households.

The figures for 2022 show that, after the pandemic, there has been an increase in workers who are paid more than 500 euros, an amount that remains low of course, but exceeds the poverty threshold. The two hikes in the minimum wage, after all, resulted in the increase of employees who are paid close to the limit of €713 and of those above it.

Of course, part-time employees remain exposed to the risk of poverty, since, as the data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority showed, part-time employees with an income of up to €408 per month are the ones who have crossed the threshold. According to the Labor Ministry's Ergani database, this is approximately 18% of all employees, which is a headache for experts.

Part-time employment is...

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