Serbia will soon be "hit": "In the next two hours..."

Thunderstorm systems over Romania are moving in a north-easterly altitudinal current towards Serbia, i.e. towards its north-eastern part.
"In the next two hours, rain and local showers with thunder are expected in the north of Vojvodina, the south of Banat, Srem and western Serbia," announced the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ) in an announcement published at 4 p.m.
The southeastern part of Banat, Podunavlje and Branievo district will be the first to be hit, that is, the wider area of Vrac, Smederevo, Poarevac, Veliko Gradite and Kostolac, and a little later, parts of central umadija and Pomoravlje.
As announced by the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia, the yellow weather alert is in force throughout Serbia.
In some locations, a larger amount of rain would fall in a very short time interval, but the precipitation and storms will be of a short-term and transitory nature.
In other parts of Serbia, it is expected to be mostly sunny, and local showers with thunder will be reserved mainly for eastern and northeastern parts of Serbia, and later in the afternoon for parts of southern Serbia.
In the continuation of the afternoon in Belgrade, it is expected to be mostly sunny, with the development of cloudiness, and only in some places in the wider area of the city, the appearance of local showers with thunder is expected.
Similar weather is expected in the following days.
RHMZ also warns that the water level in Novi Sad and abac is above the limit of regular flood defense.

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