"We have one message for Putin... Sign the capitulation"

We are talking about the "partisans" who also published videos of their fighters in armored vehicles at the border crossing of Grayvoron, which separates Ukraine from Russia.
They and another Russian militia - the Legion of Freedom of Russia, which, like the Russian Volunteer Corps, is based in Ukraine, claim that they "completely liberated" the border town of Kozinka, thus acting inside Russia, in order to overthrow the Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"We have only one message for Putin: sign the capitulation and give up. You will get a comfortable space at the Hague Tribunal. The message is also addressed to the Russian people so that they see the existence of a new force - a force with weapons in their hands, ready to fight for the rights of the Russian people ", said Aleksey Baranovskiy, spokesman for the political wing of the Legion of Freedom of Russia.

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