DeSantis has launched relatively simple messages that correspond with the general preferences of the right-wing spectrum of the electorate. However, the question was raised whether it was wise to choose Twitter as a platform and its owner, Elon Musk, as an interlocutor for the launch of the presidential campaign.
Namely, when someone ambitious and influential in America like DeSantis runs for president, then it is expected that the first presentation will be spectacular in the media because the elections for the US President are a competition in which millions are not spared and any technical problems are considered an unacceptable risk.
However, it seems that Twitter no longer has the characteristics of a stable platform after Musk's cuts, which turned out to be the case with DeSantis' presidential promotion, and caused the euphoric delight of the media that prefers Democrats.

Now this is some good mocking. #DeSaster pic.twitter.com/oobNnvHhlZ

— Skyleigh Heinen (@Sky_Lee_1) May 25, 2023

The presentation of DeSantis as a presidential candidate began with 20 minutes of various technical problems: audio problems, microphone difficulties, unfinished conversations... that is, with everything that anyone, on the promotion of anything, does not want for themselves, let alone DeSantis, who has the most difficult challenge to beat Donald Trump.
He is already far worse in the polls in relation to Trump than in relation to Biden, towards whom he is the favorite, and because of Musk's Twitter, he started clumsily.

What a DeSaster! pic.twitter.com/FUWM9iJB9a

— Aaron Parnas (@AaronParnas) May 24, 2023

At one point, the live stream was abruptly interrupted after millions of interested...

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