PASOK leader reiterates no interest in ND coalition

[InTime News]

PASOK leader Nikos Androulakis emphasized again on Thursday that the party is not interested in forming a coalition with ruling New Democracy, "even if two or three seats are needed to form a government." 

"Our goal is to become a majority force in the progressive area," the center-left party leader told ANT1 news. He also lashed out at conservative New Democracy, accusing it of investing in terror. He called Kyriakos Mitsotakis' 20-point lead unusual and blamed leftist SYRIZA for it. 

Androulakis also insisted that PASOK had been a productive opposition party, citing key laws on which it had voted, whereas SYRIZA had not. He even used the defense pact with France and the extension of the Evros fence on the land border with Turkey as examples. 

"Mr Mitsotakis has created an insulting narrative for our party, that I should be in coalition with [left-wing MeRA25...

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