Decoding Erdogan: What to expect from a fresh term?

Supporters of Turkish President and People's Alliance presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan dance as they give handouts to commuters in Istanbul, Tuesday. [AP]

As Turkish voters head back to the polls on Sunday for a crucial presidential runoff election, where they will choose between an incumbent leader with increasingly authoritarian tendencies and an opposition that promises to restore democracy, three analysts delve into the factors contributing to Erdogan's enduring political career. Furthermore, they offer an evaluation of his potential foreign policy toward the West and Greece, should he emerge victorious in the elections.


Senior fellow for national security and international policy, Center for American Progress

If we take for granted that Erdogan will win the runoff election, should we prepare for him to become an even tougher leader? Some believe that after being freed from the pressure of re-election, he may become more moderate.


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