Fiscal leeway of €3 bln on increased revenues

The state budget primary balance amounted to a surplus of 2.44 billion euros for the January-April 2023 period, against a primary deficit target of €869 million and a primary deficit of €799 million in the same period last year. 

Tax revenues amounted to €17.8 billion - i.e. €1.57 billion or 9.7% higher than the target included in the 2023 budget introductory report. According to the data available for the execution of the state budget on a modified cash basis, the balance for the year's first four months showed a deficit of €789 million, against a target for a deficit of €3.83 billion in the 2023 budget, and a deficit of €3.31 billion for the same period of 2022. This entails fiscal leeway of over €3 billion in just four months. 

The primary balance amounted to a surplus of €2.443 billion, as net revenues amounted to €21.06 billion, showing an overperformance of €2...

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