Vucic: I will offer new solutions, dialogue on Friday

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday evening he would offer new solutions and dialogue at Friday's pro-government rally in Belgrade, titled A Serbia of Hope.

"I will try to use reconciliatory language and offer new solutions and new things, and call those who think differently to dialogue. Not because I am weak - you would not believe how great my inner strength has been in the past and how great it is today. I am unusually peaceful and my role will change from Monday. We will have a rally and I will speak about that," Vucic told Pink TV.

In democracies, there are differences in opinions and it is normal to have more protests, but it is also normal to resolve such tensions in elections, Vucic said.

"There is a procedure for dismissing the president - you have to gather the signatures of two thirds of MPs. They (the opposition) do not...

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