After the Recordings: The Leadership of GERB will Analyze the New Political Situation

The executive committee of GERB will meet today to analyze the new political situation after yesterday the deputy of "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" Radostin Vassilev announced that he was leaving the group and released a recording made by him without the knowledge of his colleagues from a meeting of the leadership of "We Continue the Change". Speaker of the National Assembly Rosen Zhelyazkov announced the GERB meeting to bTV.

Yesterday, the leader Boyko Borissov told the media that the recordings will not influence him to form a cabinet with the second political force. The statement was made before they were released. However, the first reaction of the chairwoman of the parliamentary group, Desislava Atanasova, after the publication of the five-hour audio, in which voices similar to those of the leaders comment unflatteringly on GERB figures, was: The only thing I will tell them is: 'The door is over there'."

Today, the first requests from GERB in TV interviews are for rethinking the already agreed formula for forming a cabinet - with rotating Prime Minister Nikolay Denchev from "We Continue Change-Democratic Bulgaria" for the first nine months and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel from GERB and Minister of Finance - Asen Vassilev. After this term, Gabriel will become prime minister, and all other ministers will keep their posts, the agreement said.

GERB representatives this morning in television interviews, however, talked about an expert cabinet, which excludes a ministerial position for the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Asen Vassilev. Toma Bikov to Nova TV even suggested a restart of the negotiations according to a new formula, and Rosen Zhelyazkov to bTV - Mariya Gabriel, and not...

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