Bulgaria: GERB freezes Negotiations with WCC-DB on forming a Government

A day after the release of recordings of meetings between members of "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" (WCC-DB), today GERB-SDS announced that they are freezing the negotiations with WCC-DB for a government with the second mandate. The reason for this decision was the download and distribution by MP Radostin Vassilev of recordings from a meeting of the National Council of "We Continue the Change".

"Today I spoke with Acad. Denkov, I informed him first, then I also informed my colleagues: We are freezing the negotiations. Everything has limits. You cannot build democracy on the basis of a lie".

This was said by Mariya Gabriel at an extraordinary GERB briefing after an emergency meeting of the Party's Executive Committee earlier today.

"I was silent for a long time, I listened a lot, I was guided only by reason and concern for the state. We are freezing the negotiations, everything has limits. Mine is that I cannot accept that democracy is built on lies, on shaking the foundations of statehood and non-compliance with fundamental principles of the Republic", stated Gabriel at the beginning of the press conference and added:

"I leave aside the lies regarding my personality - this is not the problem. The problem is that here it can be a question of a vision and a way of management, which is contrary to all European principles and practices".
According to Gabriel, it is unacceptable to say one thing during negotiations and another outside. "There are lies out there! With all my sympathy for the valuable people in WCC-DB, I think this is unacceptable to them as well," she said.

"Secondly, it is unacceptable to even have any doubt that Bulgaria is a front. Bulgaria is not a front,...

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