A respected steady hand at the top of Greece’s diplomacy

[Orestis Panagiotou/AMNA]

The caretaker government is faced with and will have to manage a sensitive regional and international environment which includes, among others, the permanently difficult Greek-Turkish puzzle and a critical phase of the war in Ukraine.

Honorary Ambassador Vassilis Kaskarelis, who took over the crucial Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a person who is not only accepted by the entire domestic political spectrum, but he is also respected and recognized for his abilities by his interlocutors abroad. Officials and diplomats of important countries with influence on issues concerning Greece who had worked with him in recent decades praise his seriousness and efficiency.

Kaskarelis has held important positions abroad: He has served at the United Nations, as Greece's permanent representative to NATO and the European Union - where he negotiated the final phase of Cyprus' accession...

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