Erdoğan calls for unity, solidarity in his new presidential term

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pledged to build the "Century of Türkiye" together with the nation and called for unity after his victory in the presidential runoff on May 28.

"No one has lost today. Every single one of our 85 million citizens has won. As required by the responsibility entrusted to us by our nation, we are not offended, resentful, or angry with anyone. It is time to leave aside all the disputes and quarrels about the election period and unite and bond together around our national goals and dreams," Erdoğan said, addressing his supporters outside the presidency early on May 29.

Erdoğan said he would like to express his gratitude to each member of the nation who once again deemed him worthy of the responsibility of governing the country.

He thanked every citizen who went to the polls at home and abroad, who upheld their will and proved the strength of the democracy.

"As you remember, we always said that 'no one will lose in our country when we win,'" Erdoğan reiterated.

"Similarly, we said, 'When we win, the only losers will be the owners of dirty scenarios about our country and their apparatuses, terrorist organizations and loan sharks.' Let me reiterate the same promise: No one has lost today. Every single one of our 85 million citizens has won," he added.

He underlined that relieving the economic difficulties of the country and healing the wounds of the Feb. 6 earthquake victims would be their priority in the new term.

"Resolving the problems caused by the increases in prices due to inflation and compensating for the welfare losses will be the most urgent items on the agenda of the upcoming days," Erdoğan underscored and said it is not difficult for them to resolve these problems.

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