Former OSE president testifies in investigation of Tempe train crash

Firefighters and rescuers are seen amid the debris of a rail collision at Tempe near the city of Larissa in Central Greece on Wednesday. The train carrying hundreds of passengers has collided with an oncoming freight train, killing and injuring dozens of passengers. [AP]

The former president of the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) appeared before an appellate-level examining magistrate in Larissa on Monday as part of the ongoing investigation into the tragic rail accident at Tempe that claimed the lives of 57 individuals on February 28.

The former president is facing allegations of breaching his duty by authorizing the transfer of the 59-year-old station master, who was on duty at the time of the accident, to Larisa station. It is claimed that the station master lacked the necessary experience and did not meet the age requirements for the position.

Sources indicate that the former president defended his actions by asserting that he acted in accordance with the law, as he simply ratified the recommendation put forth by OSE's evaluation committee regarding the transfer. Two members of the committee, who also face the same charges,...

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