A special US envoy is coming to Bulgaria because of Disinformation

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James Rubin, special envoy and coordinator of the Center for Global Engagement at the US State Department, will visit Bulgaria this week, and according to the official announcement, his mission is "to strengthen support for initiatives to combat disinformation."

The US State Department reports that Rubin's tour begins at the GLOBSEC 2023 forum in Bratislava, where regional security coordination will be discussed in particular. After that, he will continue his journey in Europe to Sofia and Brussels.

The information about his meetings in Bulgaria and Belgium is just that:

"He will meet with local government and EU representatives, as well as civil society representatives, to strengthen support for initiatives to combat disinformation, alongside continued efforts by Russia and other players who spread disinformation to undermine democracy and national security, and how our nations can collectively counter threats in the information space."

The tour started last night and ends on June 3rd. The GLOBSEC 2023 Forum in Slovakia starts today and runs until May 31. This probably means that Rubin will be in Sofia on June 1.

Last month he was in Skopje for meetings with the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski and President Stevo Pendarovski, the topic being the fight against disinformation, manipulated information and other threats in the information space of the Western Balkans, BTA reports.

The Western Balkans are "poisoned" by disinformation coming from Russia and China, and Serbia is one of the main bases from which disinformation comes in the region, reported Radio Free Europe in North Macedonia.

"Obviously, a lot of the disinformation is coming from Serbia, and that's a...

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