Turkish experts receive medals from Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has awarded two Turkish experts with a medal of bravery, given only to soldiers, as they proved that the Turkish city of Diyarbakır hosts the tomb of the last ruler of the Khwarazmian Empire that ruled within today's Uzbek borders.

Previously, a commission was established at Dicle University in 2021 to determine the burial place of Sultan Kılıçaslan I, one of the important rulers of the Seljuk State.

Meanwhile, Associate Professor Dr. Oktay Bozan, the head of Dicle University's History Department, and Dr. Arafat Yaz, the principal of Bağlar-Alipınar Secondary School, started a study to determine the burial place of Jalaluddin Harzemshah as well, who was the last ruler of the Khwarazmian Empire, which was founded in the 11th century and ruled for about 200 years and is also considered important for the history of Uzbekistan.

After their comprehensive research, Bozan and Yaz determined that Harzemshah's grave is in Diyarbakır's Silvan district.

At the symposium held at Ürgenç State University in Uzbekistan on May 19-21, the medal, which is given only to soldiers in the country, was awarded to the two Turkish experts and marked a first in Uzbek history by being presented to civilians.

Receiving the medal at the symposium, Bozan said that they have experienced pride on behalf of both their city and their country.

"I can say that the work we have done is a work that will improve solidarity and cultural cooperation between the two communities. Similar studies will be continued by us," Bozan added.

Stating that they proved that Jalaluddin Harzemshah was killed in Kavaklıboğaz village of Hazro district and buried in Silvan district with their studies, Bozan said after their research, it became clear that...

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