Vucevic: SNS policy will not change

KRAGUJEVAC - The policy of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will not change, and it will remain an engine of Serbia's development, new SNS leader Milos Vucevic said after Saturday's extraordinary SNS Assembly session in Kragujevac, at which he was elected party president.

Vucevic succeeded Aleksandar Vucic, who stepped down from the post.

Vucevic thanked Vucic for his 11 years of great leadership in the party and a great fight for Serbia and the SNS as the engine of the country's development.

"For us, this is no discontinuity, but a unique story. We are opening a new chapter in our book. Our policy will not change, we will remain the engine of our fatherland's development, as well as a party that cherishes and protects the traditional values of the Serbs and all Serbian citizens, that will politically advocate preserving Kosovo-Metohija as a part of Serbia,...

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