Adviser to a Bulgarian PM leaked Classified Information to a citizen of North Macedonia

It has been established that an adviser to a Bulgarian Prime Minister coordinated the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a Macedonian citizen during the negotiation process of the Republic of North Macedonia with the EU. This was announced by the chief of the State Agency for National Security (SANS) Plamen Tonchev during the hearing of the heads of services in the plenary hall.

A pre-trial proceeding has been initiated in the case, the head of SANS also said.

Toshko Yordanov from "There Is Such a People" suggested that Vesela Cherneva is the adviser against whom there is a pre-trial proceeding because she "dealt with the Macedonians". "Will measures be taken against Petkov and Vassilev if they gave her these orders?" asked Yordanov.

"Minister Genchovska should have presented the position", Tonchev explained. Hamid Hamid of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) also reiterated that the adviser who leaked classified information to the RNM is believed to be Vesela Cherneva.

The chairman of SANS refused to name the prime minister's adviser. Tonchev added that it was found that information had been deleted from the employee's computer, against whom pre-trial proceedings had been initiated, which SANS subsequently restored.

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