Bulgarian Court denied Asylum to an opponent of Putin: “There is No Danger for him in Russia”

Alexander Stotsky - opponent of Putin @Radio "Free Europe" Bulgaria

"There is no reason to accept that the official authorities in the Russian Federation are indiscriminately carrying out mass repressions against citizens expressing in one way or another dissatisfaction with the president's policy". With this argument, the Supreme Administrative Court finally rejected the request of the Russian citizen Alexander Stotsky (Александър Стоцки), who applied for humanitarian and refugee status in Bulgaria.

The 27-year-old Russian fled Russia immediately after the invasion of Ukraine and entered Bulgaria on a tourist visa, which he had. After it expired, he applied for asylum because he feared that in Russia he would be mobilized and sent to the front. He participated in many rallies against the regime of Vladimir Putin, was an observer of the Russian Duma elections at the headquarters of Moscow opposition politicians and a supporter of Navalny's "Smart Vote" platform.

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