"Kurti's ultimate goal is..."

The goal of the prime minister of the temporary institutions of Pristina, Albin Kurti, is for Kosovo and Metohija to be totally separated from Serbia and, if possible, to have as few Serbs as possible, said Demostat CEO Zoran Panovi today regarding the situation in the north of the province.
"What has always been clear to anyone who follows the situation more seriously is that Kurti is a classic ethno-nationalist who is only trying to present himself as a Kosovo's Zelensky with a perfidious replacement of his thesis, and to accuse the Serbian side of some kind of retrograde politics," Panovi told Tanjug.
Panovi explained that the Albanian goals regarding Kosovo and Metohija will not change, regardless of who is in power in Belgrade, as well as that Serbia's room for maneuver is not large at this moment.
"The problem for Serbia is that it is in a maneuvering space that is very difficult to function. I think that President Vui said that the Serbs must not enter into an open conflict with KFOR, because these are the forces that should guarantee security for Serbs," Panovi pointed out.

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