Turkish enterprise to sell purebred Arabian foals

An enterprise of the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, which is the breeder of a significant portion of racehorses, will sell purebred Arabian foals at an auction on June 6.

The General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM) raises many champion horses of the future in their Bursa Karacabey, Malatya Sultansuyu and Eskişehir Anadolu branches. An average of 360 foals are born annually in these three enterprises where horse breeding is carried out.

This year's foal sales of TİGEM, which is the breeder of a significant part of the foals that run in the race fields in Türkiye, will start on June 6, where a total of 68 purebred Arabian racehorses, 32 females and 36 males will be auctioned off to the equestrian community.

The sale of the horses will take place at Bursa Karacabey agricultural enterprise. The auctions will continue in July, September and October as well. On the other hand, elite colts will be sold at Istanbul Veliefendi Hippodrome.

TİGEM, which plans to sell a total of 319 purebred Arabian foals this year, generated approximately 64 million Turkish Liras from the sale of 265 foals in 2022.

In the meantime, frozen horse semen produced in the laboratories in TİGEM's Anadolu Agricultural Enterprise, which was granted a work permit in 2019, is sold both domestically and abroad. In October 2022, 16 doses of frozen semen from the purebred Arabian stallion named "Hızlıtay," which is on the list of breeding horses of the enterprise located in Eskişehir, were exported to Qatar for 320,000 liras.

In 2020, Anadolu enterprise earned 2.25 million liras from the export of a total of 60 doses of frozen stock. In addition, in 2021, a total of 14 doses were exported to Qatar, earning 610,000 liras. Between 2020 and 2022,...

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